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August 28, 2005

restored to sanity by the voices, if not faces, of friends, Friday was a decent day. Finished work in an oddly sentimental mood. Went home and began the weekend’s vegging out.
Saturday I helped Mom around the kitchen, and then sat on the front porch and watched Yin and Cameron drive by. They were coming to visit, and totally missed my house. I called Yin…and he refused to tell Cameron until they’d driven like two more miles. ‘Twas very amusing. They’d also managed to drive to my house through the following cities: A2, Chelsea, Manchester, Saline, Clinton, Adrian. Get out a map and prepare to laugh. It was an honest wrong turn though, to be fair, and I can totally see why they ended up there. It’s just fun to laugh…
Their visit was fantabulous. We ended up talking really really really late and at some point Yin goes “Well, I guess we’re not going back to Ann Arbor tonight.” So they spent the night. I haven’t stayed up that late in months, and it was wonderful.
Spent this afternoon reading, but managed to get productive after supper. Organized a bunch of vacation pics, and then got online and was good about taking care of a lot of things. I’ve got a list now, of what to do before move in, and I like crossing stuff off so it’ll be good.
We’re trying to get into Canada. There’s a group of us, that includes Sara, Yin, and my brother Patrick. The new security regulations are such that we’re in a room in A2 getting checked out to be cleared to leave the country. IDs have to be checked. A couple of people in our group go, and then it’s my turn. I go through my wallet and hand the guy (who is kinda cute and we flirt a bit) my school ID and my driver’s license. He also asks for my SS card, which I had him. There’s some text on it that says something about the rules followed when I got it, and he spots a problem with it. Someone didn’t do something right, and now I’m on the bubble, might not get to go to Canada. I try to convince him it’s no big deal, and he’s apologetic but goes to get a superoir. The guy who comes up, I knew things about him like he was a character in a book I was reading. He’s a bitter middle aged man who has no friends. Think Squid-wid from Sponge Bob, but played by Prof Snape’s actor. I’m serious, it was Prof. Snape’s actor right there in front of me, a customs agent. He says he’s going to ask me three questions. He’s got a map of Canada, and then pulls out a book thingie on NY city. At first I thought it was going to be geography questions on Canada, but then the first question was NY trivia. Like I was reading a book, suddenly I knew more about him, his motivations for picking NY. He loved NY like you wouldn’t believe, loved the atmosphere, loved the city. He wrote about it, and tried to get his stories published. He’s a sucky writer. Hence even more bitterness, but still love of NY. So anyway, I miss the first question. He’s preparing for the second one when I start going off on him.
“Why don’t you ask me something about a city I KNOW, like Ann Arbor?! I love my country; I love Ann Arbor. Ask me about Ann Arbor, suprise my brother here (Patrick was sitting next to me through this, and there was an Asian girl at the next table. Otherwise the room had emptied out) by having me talk about how much school spirit I have, ’cause I hide it around my family. I love my country. I love my country so much…” blah blah blah I start practically shouting at the guy about how much I love America, in spite of what I see wrong with it. The guy wasn’t impressed at first. At one point I was talking to the Asian girl. But I went off like that for quite some time. Then I peacefully woke up. Don’t know if I made it to Canada or not.
End dream
nyway onwards and upwards to more productive things. MOVEIN IN FOUR DAYS! :-D

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  1. August 29, 2005 10:45 am

    Callie and I might don our Move-In Maker shirts and help you out.

  2. August 29, 2005 1:12 pm


  3. August 29, 2005 2:35 pm

    Selling Myself for a Smile
    Oh yeah. And if you havn’t seen the other post:
    I’m selling my body for the price of a smile on the move in days.
    I initially was like “oh crap, *what i just said*” but i like it better…it’s more funny if i say i’m selling my body for that day. But…i’m sure you know what i mean.
    That…is one screwed up dream. But cool.

  4. August 29, 2005 2:36 pm

    Oh yeah
    and the “Up until 6am” spiel was really awesome.
    dude. It was just plain old fun. Now…if i only get more BLAH.

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