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ahhhhhhhh work

August 25, 2005

stuck at work, waiting for a virus scan to finish before I can leave. Dad says I have to work tomorrow, at least part of the day, cleaning stuff. Yuck. I had hoped that if I worked really fast and finished the computer stuff tonight that I’d be done for the summer.
Speaking of Dad. So it’ll be twenty minutes or so before I have anythign else to do, and I’m like “Hey, I wanna talk to someone, I’ll call Nate ’cause I need to see if we can hang out before he leaves anyway.” Called what I thought was Nate’s cell…my Dad picks up. The two numbers are close…and apparently I’ve mixed them up. I can’t for the life of me remember Nate’s actual number, so I can’t call him until I get home. I probably should remember to explain to my dad that I didn’t have anything to do until the virus scan finished…yeah.
I think when I get home I’m going to go to bed. No nothing else. Just bed. I prolly won’t, but it’s a delicious idea.
Is it a bad thing if caffiene helps my mood?
Today’s been…blah. Got some news that was a punch in the stomach, but other than that it was good, so the total is just blah. Well okay that last bit of amusment attempting to call Nate. GRR what IS his number? Maybe I’ll call Sara, just to find out. Maybe I’ll try random numbers and hope. Maybe I won’t call ’til I get home. Maybe I’ll go check and see if the virus scan is done.
Virus scan: not done yet. Sara: doesn’t know Nate’s number, doesn’t know how to check it on her cell without hanging up on me and the person she had on the other line. I guess I’ll just call people when I get home.
Anyway enough boringness. Here’s a ranom quiz I’m posting for one reason: it substantiates Katie’s reading of my palm. I also enjoy that my first line of descent stops so fast…apparently the first guy is a moron and his genes suck, ’cause van Staveren’s are too prolific to die out that fast.

72,180 descendants
– you’re more genetically fit than 43% of the current population –
Not bad. You’re no Mongol warlord, but to have that many copies of your
genetic code running around 800 years from now is pretty impressive.

You’re at the lower end of the scoring spectrum, but, honestly, when
you consider that the cheaters, swindlers, and football players of this
world are statistically best-equipped to create children, scoring low
is something to be proud of. As you’ll see below, some of your lines
will die out, but nonetheless your genetic material will thrive here on
earth for a long time to come.

A close friend of mine created a program to generate family
trees for this test. It’s based on your unique answers. We accounted
for sterility, birth rates, death rates, disease, drug abuse,
nitwitism, and accidents and came up with this, for you. Note that you’ll have significant offspring with two separate partners; the second of your genetic lines is slighly faded to make the chart easier to read. The second line could represent either a second marriage or an affair:

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 14% on fitnessfactor

Link: The Genghis Khan Genetic Fitness Test written by gwendolynbooks on Ok Cupid
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