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August 22, 2005

I’d forgotten the intimacy of playing a duet.
Does anyone else ever hear acquaintancesin music they play? I hear voices, sometimes, or notes speak of a person. Suddenly I can see and hear that person right there in the room, even when they’re hours away.
I want to go to chruchso much right now it amazes me. My church, not just any church. Did anyone else here that? *Laughs* I actually WANT to go back to St. Joseph’s. The feeling has been building all summer. Sara was supposed to go with me, but the way I’m going I may just be brave enough to go alone on Sunday.
We all just protect ourselves in different ways. No matter the names given, it’s all self-protection, but not in a bad way.

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  1. August 23, 2005 1:17 pm

    Puppy Dogs.
    I love doggies.
    Dude, go ahead and do it! Go to church! YES! JUST GO! Sometimes you need to go back in time. To be completly unscientific, and just go with the emotional bits. EMOTIONS ARE A GOOD THING…put probably the most dangerous thing available to humans. Thus, my belife that we should all try and understand OURSELVES as much as possible. But. I’m getting off the point.
    Music: Hmm…Can’t say that I have…i’ve only done one duet…and that was with my voice…and I was to nervous to notice. But i imagine it would be something cool like that. DUDE! People have themes?! DUDE! What’s my theme?!
    Dude. People in movies…and on series have themes. What’s MY theme?
    YOu know what we should do? This next year. MIX THEMES for ourselves. Seriously. We should totally make a 5 min long peice of musical BLAH…and yeah. THEMES.
    Anyway. CHURCH. Yes. GO I SAY! It’s nice to go to church on christmas eve. Not to much of a fan of it otherwise….cause yeah. Everyone has that “glazed over eye” look that makes me want to bite them. Unless they are cool. There are some awesome “christians” out there who make my day and study the bible…and how it was constructed AND BASICALLY KNOW THEIR SH*T!
    but yeah.
    DUDE…totally go. Hell, I’ll go with you if you want support. I won’t go if you don’t. I don’t really care. But…yeah. TOTALLY GO!

  2. Anonymous permalink
    August 24, 2005 12:06 pm

    i think i know what you’re talking about. everytime i play our duet, i sometimes get lost in the music and wait for you to come in and play even though you’re not there. it’s kind of odd. i don’t know. i’m weird so it’s cool. anyways, church thing…hmmm…can’t really form an opinion on that. i’m going to see sara saturday and she wants me to go to church with her sunday morning. i’m going because seh asked me. and i hope i’m awake enough to know what’s going on while i’m there. i rather not go instead of going and totally be a space cadet. anyways, smiles!

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