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I fail at internet communications…

August 11, 2005

this is a few days worth of randomness…with other stuff at home yet to be updated.

A vacation video

Found in Newsweek:
“Never ever steal from a drag queen. She will hunt you down and make you
pay, and she’ll look fabulous the whole time she’s doing it.” Denver drag
queen Nuclia Waste, who called police after stopping two teens for allegedly
stealing her Vespa scooter – painted “glowing green” with hot-pink flames –
from her garage.

This is a last name. Can anyone pronouce it for me? If so, call, and please do. Szuszczewicz

What the hell?
“A principal FBI team cofusing on Chinese economic espionage, including some undercover operatives, occupies an unmarked floor in a Silicon Valley office park near a popular Chinese restaurant.” (Taken from today’s Wall Street Journal)
Seems like they aren’t staying undercover for that much longer with that sort of reporting. Why does the media do that? I hear offenses in Iraq being announced on the tv. Is it really a suprise if they could hear about it on CNN before it starts? I don’t understand. TV sucks. Lets get rid of everything except Will and Grace and MASH.

“so…thursday is looking like an UBER go.”
Dude, YAY!

Wonderful scene from Will&Grace that was so much better on tv…
GRACE: Mm-hmm. The point being… If I never got past that, we wouldn’t have this. This–this totally inappropriate, boundaryless, highly dysfunctional relationship that I cherish, oh, so much.
Yay for dysfunctional relationships!

Other words were supposed to go here, but I have forgotten them.

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  1. August 11, 2005 3:18 pm

    I am leaving.
    yeah. I am leaving…within the hour.
    Nice looking beach. However…you needed to get yourself in there. Cause that would have been AWESOME. Otherwise it’s just a beach. Which is neat…but…eh. HOWEVER, a Beach with MARIE on it would be totally KICK ASSTRIX!
    Soooooooo….yeah. Media sucks. TV sucks…although, i would add some shows to that.
    Yep. Friends rule.
    Soo…yeah. See you all saturdayish.
    I shall get into A2 around 7:30am.
    Now…last journal entry for a while.

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