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old rambles from work

July 26, 2005

You are blessed with FAERY wings.
laughter, life, magic…that’s what you are all
about. You are
refreshingly innocent and happy
with your life of purity and play. Life’s
game and it’s a good one. In your eyes there’s
no way to lose! You
can be very mischeivous and
have been known to cause trouble, but it’s
in the name of fun and not meant to really harm
anyone. You like
to play tricks on people who
aren’t quite as bright or clever as you –
is almost everyone. Nature is the setting you
prefer to be in –
Always. Barefoot and wild you
can’t be tamed. You’re probably a
spirit who loves to travel, and quite a
dreamer. Your
creativity is astounding and your
art (of whatever media – from writing
painting to drama) is like something from
another world – ethereal
and often very
fantasy-oriented. You can either be a social
or a loner with their head in the
clouds – but rarely inbetween. You
refuse to accept responsibility or to give in
to the wishes
of others – unless you feel like
it. You have a strong passion for music
can’t imagine life without it. You’ll grow up
someday, but you’ll
always be a child at heart.
You are adventurous and love to take risks,
feel a deep connection with the weather,
plants, and animals. You
prefer sunshine to
thunder or snow, the warmth of summer to
chill, and quiet forests to suburban
backyards. Magic through and
through, you are
far more powerful than you seem, and are
capable of
being extremely passionate. Though
you can be childish, naive, stubborn,
self-absorbed, one thing is certain – life with
you will never be

Image copyright Sheila Wolk (prints available
through, words added by

Your Wings – Pics and Long Answers*~*~*

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So the sales meeting Monday was fantastic. The whole group of us (US! I felt like I belonged!) spent the entire thing laughing our way through the agenda. There were jokes about Dad’s age, Gale’s nosyness, the sales competition between Rick and Janette, and the lack of work on the 20th anniversary. Fun times.

You know how I said I felt like I belonged in the sales meeting? Well it was just in time. I only have a week and a half of office work left, probably. Carrie comes back on the 15th, so I’m probably going to get shunted somewhere else after that. I can’t wait, though, ’cause office isn’t my thing. There’ll be about two weeks of that, and then I’M DONE WORKING FOR THE SUMMER! :-D!

Products you can buy in a catalog we got:
Cross-shaped swirl pops
New! Bible tins with mints
New! Plastic cross maze puzzles
New! Neon cross flash erasers
Faith jelly bean treat packets

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