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remembering to smile

June 27, 2005

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On Saturday Sara and I listend to part of Jesus Christ, Superstar. It’s been stuck in my head all day, so I’ve been looking up lyrics, and found this little gem. Now, I know that lyrics sites arn’t exactly models of accuracy, and I shouldn’t be one to mock people’s typos…but I thought this was great:
“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

Am I the only one who feels occasionally that she has something to write at that moment, but can’t grasp the proper words or even find the concept? Perhaps it’s because the phone keeps ringing, though I think not. It’s not just here at work that I feel this way. This is what makes me say I have no words, and that I need to write more, and this is why I’m brave enough to enroll in Creative Writing. I’d like that someday I don’t feel like this so often. I don’t know of anything that’s more frustrating, creatively.

Janette and Steve are in close running for my favorite sales rep. Both call and have things for ME to do, rather than always wanting Cindy or Kendall. Steve is fun to talk with on the phone, and makes me smile, but Janette more often wants to talk to me. Rick, for being awesome, and Laura, for the song she sang the other day, are close thirds, with Bob next and finally Julanne, who never calls.

*little dance* Got TWO phone calls today at work, AND I answered a question for Janette. I feel almost like I’m useful…
SCORE just answered another question!

Hot boy was in again. Anyone got a bright idea as to how I can introduce myself?

What do you get when you cross a church with a landscaping company? Oh crap, I forgot the name already…I nearly laughed when the guy came to the door though. The name of the company is some Bible quote…but it’s a landscaping company. I have no idea what to make of it.

Does knowledge of readers shape your entries? Sara read this recently, and so now she’s back on the list of people I have in mind when I write. Yin and Katie probably won’t be reading for a while, so I don’t think so much about them. It’s not that I’d omit content, but I alter phrasing.

Dude, I get to try some Eden food! Pinto beans and rice! Never had it before, even though printing their labels is a princable (sp??) source of my livelyhood…

p.s. Cameron, I know I said I might call you…but then life got busy…perhaps tomorrow…perhaps the next day…yeah.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 27, 2005 11:24 pm

    Holy McCrap….I *was* going to start this with something other than “HOLY McCRAP!!!”…but…DUDE!
    what in the hell is up with the “Open ID?” Does this mean i can actually put in “Wombat”.
    oh. no, no it does not.
    THAT’S IT!!!!
    There. I did it. I don’t have time to really post or make it look pretty…but i have one now.
    *Sticks out tounge*
    *in that lovable way*
    Hmm….i was going to say something….but forgot.
    Eh. Don’t worry about the phone call. I won’t be availble most of tomorrow. I’m getting up at 5am to go to the ranch. FUN FUN FUN! in that high desert way…
    *oh, and the name….that’s totally cause of you marie!* ;^)

  2. June 29, 2005 9:52 am

    Yin and Katie probably won’t be reading for a while, so I don’t think so much about them.
    I AM reading!
    *sticks out tongue*
    *runs off to pack for afternoon trip*

  3. June 29, 2005 10:01 am

    well :P at you!
    *laughs* and actually Yin has limited net in NY…so he may be reading it also….

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