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so far so good

June 24, 2005

Katie emailed!
I figure I’ll keep it simple, prolly rather busy…

Also, Yin called!!! It’s just been a good day, I guess. He wanted to know shirt sizes. I guess I’m getting a NY short. This is cool, though I’ll probably be more excited about seeing him than whatever shirt he gives me, just like Katie’s pics and stories will be nice, but I’ll be more excited about seeing her.

Tonight was Maple City Fest. Last year I wrote an interesting entry about some characters I saw there. I didn’t seem to find specific people this year, but rather ideas. As we walked up Maumee there was a stretch of boarded up store fronts, “For Rent” signs hanging on the doors. I looked around and saw young addicts and old addicts each pretending to loath the other, and felt that this town was rotting, dying away from some plague that wasn’t small town but wasn’t big city either.
Turning the corner I made an interesting observation: either I’ve forgotten how original people are who have time to sleep (aka, not college studenets), or our peer group in Adrian has gotten a lot more colorful. They’re all goths or punks, skater kids with pink hair, wannabe-martyrs with multiple piercings. I saw carefully distorted hair, perfectly ripped pants, finely placed paper clips, and all the other trimmings of people who pretend not to care. This group was my group in early high school, but died out for the most part by the time I graduated. It appears to be back now, with a vengance. I, for one, am glad. I like goths ’cause they’re real.
As I walked up main street I thought about showing this place to you, showing that event to my college friends who haven’t been here, and realized that I’d be almost embarassed. To those who haven’t lived here, Maple City Fest would seem pitiful, a pointless attempt at amusment in a lifeless void of a town. It makes Adrian seem all the more quaint because it tries to not be innocent. While I wish you all could see it, you wouldn’t see it with my eyes, so I don’t know what I’d do if I had the chance to show you. Perhaps the Fair; that seems more like something you’d understand.
I longed for a laptop and a digital camera, so that I could lj right there. How far I’ve come from the days when I would have scrounged up paper and a pencil. I didn’t want to write, though, I wanted to type and comment on pictures. But this way I get to see it through the carefully made lenses of hindsight, which makes this entry all the more bs.
By the bandstand, though, I finally figured it all out. This town isn’t rotting. Like my teeth, parts of it are indeed dead or dying, but for the most part it’s alive and kicking. The white trash was out in force, enjoying the rock band playing, and having a good time, and even they became beautiful when I thought about it enough. They’re part of the section that is rotting, but a bruise in an apple just makes you all the more glad of the sweet portions of it’s flesh. Some of the goths I saw will grow into those withered middle aged shells. Many, though, will grow up. Someday they’ll be respectable community members who show pictures of these days to their disbelieving children. I could see the future, though, of a certain group of peers, by looking at the older people. I could see how they’d look when they were 30, 45, 60 years old. I could see their children, and wonder if they’d live to see grandchildren. It was very odd indeed to look at some people and know that their lives would turn out exactly the same, and in twenty years they’d be standing at Maple City Fest, or some other event, being the white trash that a young girl looks at and writes about.
But no, my town, as a whole, is not dying.

That’s all wrong. I give up: I’m tired. Here’s the entry from work today:

I did an interesting thing today. While I was putzing around at work I stumbled across an amusing website full of liberal bumberstickers and the like. It was an amusing read. Then I clicked on their page of emails that had been sent to the site condemming it, and had another amusing read. One email, though, stuck out as being from a reasonable person who just happened to be conservative. He bemoaned the fact that liberals were seemingly all loud mouths crazies, and wished for some sense among them. On a whim, I
emailed him, explaining my views and some of my thoughts on what he’d said. He’s emailed me back already, and it’s looking like this is going to become an interesting conversation. We’ve both been totally respectful so far, and I’m hoping it continues that way. I’d also like to know SOMETHING about this guy, besides a name and a political affialiation (sp?)…that seems like it’d be helpful.

Now I have to call a person in Puerto Rico. Does it make me horribly ethnocentric if I don’t want to call these people because their English sounds like Spanish, and I’m not even sure all of them speak English? Do you think Melinda would let me rent Anthony occasionally to make these phone calls? Wait, why would I ask Melinda if I could rent Anthony…?

This amused me.

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  1. June 25, 2005 3:42 pm

    Ya know, those comments on Maple Fest are so… perfect for it. It is true, I watched the “goths” and old people and everyone in between dancing and listening to the bands. It was colorful and pretty… But there was a problem. Last year, I felt like I was apart of it, listening and having fun, year before and year before then as well. … This year, I felt like an outsider, it was weird feeling. I told Justine when we were leaving that they’re all just a bunch of freaks, she told me; “yeah, but you used to hang out with them in highschool.” weird how life does that to ya

  2. June 25, 2005 8:12 pm

    Dude, i was so goth back in the day.

  3. June 25, 2005 10:55 pm

    Ok. Weirdest thing. I’m in CT right now and just got back from two days in NYC. I thought I saw Yin through the crowds but wasn’t sure doubt he saw me. Guess that comfirms he was in the area :).

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