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perhaps you can figure out a subject

June 21, 2005
Get to know the REAL you by crash_and_burn
Your Name
You Are
Your Favorite
Evanescence – My
You Like To Read: Anything political
You Firmly
Believe In:
Everyone Thinks You Are: OMG WAY HOTT
You Were Conceived: On accident
You Will
A street-corner
Quiz created with

so I’m sitting here stuffing envelopes for the MM mail merge and Gale comes in. “Man,” she says to me, “You are in the wrong place! I was just in Ann Arbor and downtown…it’s like boy camp.” She goes on to
explain that there seems to be a number of athletic camps going on, and there are quite a few attractive
males to be seen. “If I was younger I probably wouldn’t have come into work today. I would have just
hung out on the corner of Hoover and Division.”
She did say, though, that she’s all for finding me an excuse to be in A2 soon…

KATIE! There was a baby! Okay and a four year old boy for you…but a baby! One month old yesterday,
and she was in to visit today! SoooOOOO cute!

Wow, it’s nearly close now. I was saved from having the llama song stuck in my head by a girl who didn’t know if she was on a Mac or a PC. I had to drive over there and burn her job to CD for her, ’cause we had no idea what would happen if we let her do it herself, and got to rock out to trance the whole way. I need to burn more of that to CD so that I have it for car trips…
But yes it’s nearly close now, so I must flee!

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