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I love a WoMBat…

June 10, 2005

I forgot to tell you this, even though I’ve heard on and off of it for about two weeks now. My dad’s company, Spectrum Printers Inc. is doing printing for Harvard! Yes, THE Harvard! How exciting is that? See Laura, one of our sales reps, has contacts up the wazoo in the U of M athletic department, and we do a lot of printing for them. One of them has moved schools, and now works for Harvard’s athletic department. She likes our printing, and wants to continue the relationship, so we’re still doing printing for her even though she’s AT HARVARD! :-D Go Laura, way to get us friends in high places!

Fun names:
Bev Rasmussen
Adrian, OR
Rev. Mark E. Christ
Ms. Schneeberger

KATIE! A toddler, a small child, and a dog just walked through here with their mother! :-D Okay one is a neice. Paige and Emily and Chopper! THIS is what Friday is all about.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to talk while in the bathroom stall? I dunno, it just seems like conversations from that particular chair are akward. It happened a few times and school, and just now I was in the bathroom to wash my hands and heard our accountants talking from the stalls. See, I don’t really want to listen to anything on the other side of that wall, so why should I want to listen? *shrugs* Maybe I’m just odd.

I’d also like to point out that I fail at sending faxes, through no fault of my own. The other end is constantly busy! Today I did good with the one that only took TWO tries. The other one…I’m on about try eight right now. Major Ugh-ness.

YAY road trip to Litchfield…just gotta figure out where that is.

More magic: Litchfield, or rather Raker’s near Litchfield, is wonderfully out in the boonies. It’s beautiful out there. Within a minute of each other, I saw a ground hog and a fawn! Way cool. :-)

Okay so WoMBaT, aka Cameron…just made my night. Check out the comment on my last post. How awesome is that? :-):-D:-):-D:-)

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