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like five days worth of randomness

June 5, 2005
If You Ruled the World: by oomarilynmonroe
national religion Jane BuddhistMuslimCatholicJewishProtestantAtheistAgnostic”yourname”ism!SexismAdult SwimismWiccaPaganismTarantinoism
Type of Government CommunismDemocracyFacismAnarchy(I know this doesn’t exactly make sense)RawlsismFuedal SystemMonarchy
How you take over You are voted into powerYou lead a millitary uprisingYou lead a slave uprisingYou string together a post apocalyptic societyYour father was king
You would name it
You would overthrow gerbilpoet
Your second in command would be fragmentdbeauty
Your sex slave is fledermauskid
Commander of the military: squad_gang
Put to death for insubordination onyahbear
Figure head in the puppet government coke_and_disney
You are overthrown by lifescribble
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Isn’t that wonderful?

To everyone: Yes, I read your journal. Yes, I do care. Yes, I sometimes
find your drama tedious. Yes, I care anyway. My opnion is, though, that if
someone has a real problem that they need to talk about, they can come to
me, rather than post it for the world to see. Yeah, ljing is fine, but it’s
not the best way to get help, so I don’t go offering anything besides *hug*
here. *shakes head* So yeah, don’t worry, your maunderings on sex, drugs,
and rock&roll do intrerst me. In fact, it’s pretty much the only thing that
gets me through some work days: “AHH I DON’T WANNA WORK hey I’ll check lj
and that’ll be fun!”
Also, I’d like to point out that I try to follow my own rules. If I post
it here, I don’t really expect more than *hug*. If I post it here, it’s
probably not all that serioius, and if it is, then I kick myself for it
later and often delete the posts…so don’t worry about what you see here so
much. (This last bit being aimed specifically at a specific WoMBaT who does
send the cheeriest replies, but I think takes my sad posts far to seriously.
I’m smiling, I swear!)

So anyway, on to normal lj randomness. I am sitting at work right now,
typing this, wishing that I still had my notes from yesterday. I tend to
write down all my randomness for a day and then post it in the evening, but
last night ran out of time. There was some pretty fun stuff too, I’m
First things first: swear words. Don’t ask me why, but on the ride to work
I was contemplating dialect differences in swear words. So yeah, anyone who
feels like it, could you comment with a list of what you consider swear
words? Non-‘drianers are especially encouraged to comment, as I kinda know
how we swear here… Also, if possible, rate them in intensity and
vulgurness. I’m curious to see who says what about each word. Is Hell a
swear word? How ’bout suck? or piss? ‘Cause I’ve heard both ways for all
of those.
*laughs* I hope Sara doesn’t start reading my lj about now… O:-)
Speaking of, I can’t WAIT ’til her open house! Her…present…is
wonderful, though I might be getting a blister making it… But yeah, can’t
post what it is ’til afterwards, ’cause she might randomly start reading
this and that’d be bad bad bad. *grins in anticipation* It’s gonna be fun
though! All y’all need to come! I’ve been told by her that I can bring
ANYone I want, so you’re all invited! It’s Sunday. Call me for time and
locations – she probably wouldn’t want me posting that online…
At the moment, I feel like either writing or code breaking. As none of the
ciphers on Yin’s code lj that I haven’t solved catch my eye, I think I may
try writing something…

(btw, this journal entry is a combination of my notes from work on two seperate days, recounts written now of random stuff, and well yeah don’t expect it to flow)

The other night I had a dream where Steph S. and my little brother were both enlisting in the military. How random is that? Steph was going to join the Air Force, and Matt the Marines…*shakes head* at least it was happy, if odd. Not a giant dragonfly…

IT’S DONE! Sara’s…present…is done! I’ll post a pic tomorrow after she’s recieved it. I’m SOOOOO excited! Now I just have to get together the words to go with it, and wrap it and…sleep. Yeah. That.

In other news tonight, Erin and Alicia are coming to U of M, and I’m way excited to know a couple of Freshmen! Alicia is even gonna be in honors, which means she’ll be a squadder, which means I’ll be able to see her a lot. It’s weird, because I didn’t know them well in h.s., just kinda wanted to, and now I’m all “Let’s hang out this summer and I can’t wait to see you on campus!”

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  1. June 4, 2005 10:58 pm

    Usually, I think that the swear words are
    …not that I don’t say them.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    June 5, 2005 1:09 am

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of RUM!
    har didy har har!!!
    SO! I SEE YEE!!! ARERRR!! *swalshels the air a couple of times*
    ……….ARR!!!…..or something.
    SO!! Yeah. I take your posts seriously!! It’s how i keep up on how your doing when i forbid myself to use AIM for a while…cause…i know…i’d stay on FOREVER. but…alas! This summer…there shall be time! even for AIM. I’ll be in the middle of the DESERT. Desert rat. Although, physically…i’m built for the north…i grew up in the southwest. And know the ways of the desert….
    But yeah. I take them seriously!
    I mean!
    I’m already bugging out!
    You know why?
    I just wanna swing up to michigan and say “HEY YOU GUYS!!!” and grab all of you away in my tightly fit “superman” t-shirt and have a night to remember.
    But i can’t.
    ANd i guess there is good reason why.
    It’s kinda like a gradient. Think mitochondria! or something…
    Low end…high end. Together…plus an ATPsynthase protein…there is CAPTURED ENERGY!@!!!!!
    and we shall use this energy to HAVE A BlAST!
    or something.
    OK everybody. I’m gonna go. I’m leaving here monday…so…yeah.
    then…who knows…
    Hug yourselfs for me!
    Everyone should get more huggies!!! wait…no. wow. That’…
    wow. I ussually don’t erase…for anything. But…… is tempting…ok.
    I won’t. It’s funny. But yeah. Everyone….esspecially A is for awesome…i didn’t mean it THAT way. Seriously. wow.
    hehehe. THAT would be funny.
    Maybe in 10+ years when we all have kids. and i’m the master wine/brownie connisur/maker (can’t spell) of the western hemisphere.
    But yeah.
    B C N U,

  3. June 6, 2005 5:15 am

    Ahhhh… No Air Force!

  4. June 6, 2005 5:20 am

    Re: Yo ho ho and a bottle of RUM!
    *laughs* *shakes head* *smiles*
    Oh you are a sweetie. :-)
    But dear, my mood for the last million posts (almost all of them posted during summer vacation) has been “lonely”. I’m away from most of my friends, and until recently wasn’t even seeing Adrian people that often. HOPEfully, now that Sara’s done with graduation-type stuff I’ll be able to see her more, and that’ll make life better. But yeah, I’m lonely, and it’s not that big a deal. I’m not going to waste the summer being miserable, so most of the time I shove my loneliness in a box and do my best to ignore it.
    Wow, so Dad just handed me a car-shaped keychain who’s headlights light up when you press the top…
    Anyway yes. Don’t worry! I promise that I’m doing alright. But thanks anyway. I hope you have a fantastic time in the desert and tell me stories and send pictures and other fun things…
    “You’re” is used when you mean to say “you are”
    “Your” is a possive: “your book” “your day”
    Sorry. It’s a pet peeve – Mom yelled at me once when I was a kid for getting it wrong and I’ve had to have it right ever since…

  5. June 6, 2005 7:26 pm

    I never EVER used to post lj things that were remotely dramatic.
    And now, when I do…it is a *hug* type response that I would expect, or none at all, if possible. Actually, I sort of would feel better if no one read it at all. But then I think…if I’m taking the time to write this…ah well, what the heck.
    (I dunno why I don’t like making things “friends only” or “private”…it seems to defeat the purpose of posting in a open internet account).
    Yeah, if I REALLY needed help with something, I would talk to you personally. In the meantime…it’s just a rant that feels good to get out…and the only time I post is when I know I might want to come back and reread the rant later, because I feel it might be helpful later to me.
    Yeah. And yes, when written in lj, some things do tend to come off more seriously than you meant…while others don’t. But you get the idea.
    Hehe. I do feel that my particular rants are few and far enough between that they don’t overshadow the grander purpose of my lj: posting quiz results.
    As far as swearing…
    Most bad words, with the exceptions of “crap” and “suck” I always were taught as swear words. Those two were taught as “bad words”, but not swearing. Anything else you might consider questionable is probably swearing as far as I am concerned.
    Anyhow, I think I’m on the same page as you! Mostly!
    ‘Cept for my whole…random dramatic flairs…

  6. June 7, 2005 5:30 am

    *laughs* on the scale of dramatic ljs, you’re above Yin…and below pretty much everyone else. Read…hmmmmm don’t remember they’re usernames. Read my friends page sometime. Though at the moment it’s calmed down. At the moment…
    But yeah isn’t it weird how things don’t have the same intensity on lj? Sometimes I’m hardly seirous and everyone thinks I’m dying. Other times I’m feeling awful and it gets ignored. Yeah I don’t see the point of friends only, ’cause only friends would read this lj, but private posts happen occasionally. And I used to post and then delete, but then I found out that Yin sees those…

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