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proud big sis, among other things

April 12, 2005

Hey so I just got an email from Dad:
“It’s official as of yesterday, Matt has his license. Drove to school this
morning. Hard to believe he’s old enough.”
How awesome is that?! My little brother is driving! Wow. Wait. Holy schnikes, my LITTLE brother is driving! When did I get old enough for this to happen?
Anyway I’m quite psyched for him, although this means sharing cars this summer will be REALLY interesting…
To the wonderful boys who commented on my last entry: Thanks. It was nice to hear the general “YEAH” theme sent back to me. And Cameron, “muscles” are on your body, “mussels” are in the sea. I was really amused to read that one; you have no idea.

Finally, I leave you with some Dickinson. And I think I’m just not going to explain why I choose this one.
I like a look of agony,
Because I know it’s true;
Men do not sham convulsion,
Nor simulate a throe

The eyes glaze once, and that is death.
Impossible to feign
The beads upon the forehead
By homely anguish strung.

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  1. April 12, 2005 12:20 pm

    are you horny marie? because this is what I get from the poem (orgasms/sweat beads are hard to fake)

  2. April 12, 2005 3:39 pm

    *laughs* not quite, no, although that would be an interesting interpretation of it, I spose.

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