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Canadia and other things

March 6, 2005

It’s like that. Definitely my best spring break ever. Then again, it’s
really the only memorable one…last year I got ahead on my orgo
studying during break.
We had a grand time! There was dancing and singing and shopping and
some drinking and swimming and bowling and yea lots of fun. I’d put a
long post here about it, but I’m just going to make a picture website
soon, so I’ll wait for that. Just let it be known that we had a
fantabulous time!

In other news tonight, I like Sara. She’s fun.
Total hours of sleep thus far in break: 75 hours
Fun random lj thing that I was going to do…but then did:

Ten random things about me:
1. I like the movie “Blues Brothers”
2. I need to trim my toe nails
3. I have three homes: Adrian, A2, and…well…ask Sara… :-D
4. I like cuddling with my teddy bear
5. Guinea pigs are really cute
6. Dream job: orchestra teacher, or astronaut…
7. I like to write poetry
8. My dirty little secret (that everyone knows) is that I really like prom dresses
9. I crack my knuckles, toes, back, and neck.
10. My mommy made my pajamas for me for Christmas

Nine ways to win my heart:
1. Don’t forget me
2. Chocolate!
3. Be nice to my friends
4. Understand
5. Listen when I talk; talk when I listen
6. Hugs
7. Play in the rain with me
8. Smile
9. Suprise me

Eight things I want to do before I die:
1. Have a big family
2. Know that I made a difference to those important to me
3. Pay off all my debts, monetary and otherwise
4. Raise a large family
5. Be in love
6. Go on a trip to Egypt with Mom
7. Be totally on my own for a peroid of time
8. Become fluent in a second language

Seven ways to annoy me:
1. Hurt my friends
2. Hurt my family
3. Ignore me
4. Smoke
5. That aweful scraping noise when a fork rubs against a plate too hard
6. Never let yourself win, OR never admit to losing
7. Not listen to people when they speak

Six things I believe in:
1. Myself
2. Friendship
3. Love
4. That everyone matters
5. Art is a necessity
6. Life will always go on

Five things I am afraid of:
1. Watching someone I care about get hurt
2. Having a friend hurt me
3. Being burned alive
4. Not being able to breathe
5. Losing myself

Four favorite items in my room:
1. My violin
2. My varsity jacket
3. My stick
4. Sarah, my teddy bear

Three things I do everyday:
1. Smile
2. Listen to music
3. Eat yummy stuff

Two things I want to do right now:
1. Be warm
2. Have a cookie

One person I want to see right now:
1. I plead the fifth

mmm good cookie.
So yea stuck in my head right now is the soundtrack to “The Blues
Brothers”. Now THAT’s a fantastic movie. Great music, wonderful
dancing, and a total disregard for good sense. Gotta get the
soundtrack…or the movie…
Anyway I don’t know how much more I have to say. I’ll be back at school
tomorrow, which means fewer posts. Not that these have been that
worthwile, though the sleep counter has been amusing, at least to
write. So yea, I think this is it for the night.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 6, 2005 9:11 pm

    huh…a question…
    I doubt it…but…I just have a hunch on this…
    Were you the “wrong number” i had around 11pm on the night of march 6th?
    Hmm….i dunno….
    It’s just the way the other end responded. I dunno. Probebly just ranting here….
    Hmm…but still…would make sence, now that i think about it?
    ANYWAY! I hope i seemed nice. I genrally treat my wrong number callers with the upmost fun. But yeah.
    B C N U,

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