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home again

February 27, 2005

having been home for over 24 hours, I thought I’d drop you a line to say hello.
Guess how many hours I slept last night? A majority of the last 24, that’s for sure. I went to bed shortly after midnight, and woke up at three this afternoon. That’s right, ladies and germs, 15 full wonderous hours of sleep! I went to bed dead tired, unable to think coherantly about anything, including sleep. Woke up actually feeling awake, for the first time in months! It was EASY to get out of bed! I haven’t almost fallen asleep yet today! Oh the joys of sleep! Perhaps I ought to start doing that more often at school, and I don’t mean during lectures…
Got to see Sara today. She tooke me out for french fries at McDonalds, so that she could see her friend Danny, who works there, and still see me. We giggled about school things and how much ketchup she likes on her french fries – a truely gross amount, lemme tell ya.
Ate dinner with the family and my grandma for her brithday. She’s 78 today, how cool is that?
And after dinner: DDR! FINALLY got to play on the set I invested in A MONTH AGO! And have gotten part of what my family owes me for said set… But yea, it was way fun! Got Matt some new songs, beat him some, got beat some, and generally had a groovy time.

Totaly change of subject. I’d just like to leave you with a thought I had while at the IM buliding the other day. It’s only partially about working out, and partially about other things.
Sacrice is a habit.
And one that I’m trying to stay in.
I guess that’s two thoughts.

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