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this afternoon

January 31, 2005

on the way to Angel hall just now, I saw a bike buried by the snow. All that showed was a pedle and part of the front tire, and some handlebar.
Before that, the wonderful winter sun shone brightly in my eyes, beautifully yellow.
Before that, there was chem lab.
There is a girl in my chem lab who is tiny! She’s..5ft? perhaps. If she’s more than 80lbs, though, I’d be suprised. She’s SO petite! Tiny arms, tiny shoulders, tiny hips. A broad flat face with a big smile and large round almond shaped eyes. Dark dark brown (not quite black) straight hair, with dark eyes to match. Her lab partner has a voice that sounds like Nate. They work really fast, but not necessarily accurately. They fold. They laugh. They’re nice. I like them.

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