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work, ketchup, and physics

December 28, 2004

but not in that order.

Ironically enough, my best grade this semester (‘sides Orchestra, which is degree credit only) came in physics. It’ll be better next semester though. Things will change.

I’ve realized that I’m going to have issues when I get a job as a real chemist. You spend hours and hours in lab working on stuff, and when it’s done, have 173mg of an off-white crystalline substance. Right now, I’m feeling unproductive because my stacks of stuffed envelopes are growing so slowly. There’s still a heck of a lot of space taken up by those done envelopes, and it’s easy to see the work I put in, but because it’s going so slowly, I feel unproductive. That 173mg just won’t satisfy me, I fear.

I would also like to point out that there is a lot of ketchup on my burger. Considering the fuss everyone had about tomatoes a while back, it’s amazing that Wendy’s would give me so much. And my fries are too salty. Then again, it’s good food that, while I shouldn’t have bought it, I am enjoying.

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