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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!
I have to say, mine so far has been really sweet. Literally and figuratively. Yesterday I got to see Sara for a while, then went to see Oceans 12 with the family. Had Christmas Eve dinner, steak, as usual. Then we went out to Blissfield for the ten o’clock mass at St. Peter’s with my Aunt Alice, Uncle Frans, and cousin Bradley. There was a sad moment when they dedicated the mass to my cousin Natalie. She was killed in a car accident twenty years ago this Christmas Eve. She’s the one I’m named after.
After mass we went to their house for a while, where we always start Christmas. Heard some amusing reminiscences (sp?) by my Dad and Uncle Frans about Uncle Lowie. Very fun. Then the drive home and to bed.
Christmas morning, we were told no presents before nine, and the standing rule is that everyone must be in the living room before we start. I set my alarm clock for 8.30, and, of course, turned it off and went back to sleep when it went off. At ten Mom sent Matt around to get the last of us out of bed, and we went downstairs. Then, to torment Adam, who had been up since six or so (the Air Force….), we took our time getting ready to open presents. EVENTUALLY we go there, and what a mess we made! I’ve got a video on my (NEW) camera, which I’ll have to show to y’all at some point, showing the living room after we opened presents. Pat got some money toward his laptop, which Matt stashed within a gigantic box full of packing peanuts. What a snack Melinda could have… We totally trashed the place, and I timed my shower well, so that the cleanup occured while I was otherwise occupied…
In total, I got almost everything I asked for, and can only think of one thing I really wanted and didn’t recieve. I got:
A digital camera
“Gutterflower” by the Goo Goo Dolls
“Take off your pants and jacket” by Blink 182
The Audubon field guide to Eastern North American birds (yay!)
Four nice shirts (the maroon one, perfect!)
Various assorted candy/pens/pencils/mints/other stocking stuffers
Tea (Pat and I drew each other. We each had one small idea, and told the other to fill out the dollar amount with food and snacks. Nice to have a college kid buying for me who understands that food DOES make a good gift, ’cause i’ll use it!)
A neat Angel statue from Aunt Alice
hmm other things that I’ve prolly forgotten about.
So yea we open presents. Mom got “Out of Africa” on DVD, which is sweet. She also got a digital camera. Matt got an XBox. For Pat, I bought him a 50 pack of blank CD’s, and wraped each individually in pieces of newspaper. That was fun. I mean, that was funny. *grin*
After that, we always shower and then go to Grandma’s for Christmas with Mom’s family. Grandma got me a really neat shirt (for once! I hate to say it, but she doesn’t usually have good taste in clothing) and a camera case, which is nice. I didn’t want to have to buy one, but kidna feel like I should have one. Also, we do this odd giveway thingie, adn I got two GIANT boxes of choclate from it. How sweet is that? THEN it turns out Grandma wants to give away some old board games, so I’ve got Rummkub and Blurt!, which is nifty.
Most importantly, I’ve got to spend some wonderful time with my family, and, with our scheduels, it doesn’t happen much that all six of us get together. As loud, rambunctous, and brusing as they can be, it still is nice to spend time with the boys and my parents. So goody for the holidays bringing us all home at the same time.
Now I’m back home, eating some nice food and avoiding the crap tv on in the other room. All in all, a very fun Christmas. Hope the rest of you have similalrly nice days, and that your good karma continues throughout break.

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  1. December 26, 2004 2:34 am

    So, who was dumb enough to get Matt an Xbox? *lol*

  2. December 26, 2004 6:40 am

    Blurt! sounds like something I would do naturally. And be good at.

  3. December 27, 2004 5:06 am

    you’ve never played Blurt? I’ll have ot introduce you. it’s rater fun, in a geeky way. (it’s based on Websters Dictionary…)

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