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Melinda is trying to choke me…again

November 25, 2004

…but that’s not really news.

So Thanksgiving. It started at Metro airport, but I need to rewind a bit before that. So The Plan (it’s capitalized so I can better mock it) was for Dad to go to his meeting, pick Adam up at the airport at 8.09 when his flight came in, then to get Pat (who would have arrived at my room at 3.30, having left Kzoo at 2) and I and take us home. Melinda was supposed to be picked up by her parents en route to Elyria, Oh, around 5.30.
That was The Plan.
Pat calls around 3, sayign he’s leaving Chelsea and will be in A2 in twenty minutes. He arrives on time, for once, and then informes me that he actually left at 1.20, not two, and the roads were already rather bad. We hang out, (and by ‘we’, I mean Melinda, Pat, Yin, and I, with Conor arriving at some point…) and waste the afternoon away.
Melinda’s parents called repeatidely, talking about a cousins illness, and then really bad traffic. Suddenly, it looked like she might not be going to Ohio. In fact, she might not be leaving A2. Eventually, her parents, having traveled 13 miles in 1.5 hours, gave up. They apologized profusely, but the weather was too bad for them to possibly make it to A2 and back to Kzoo that night. 94 really does suck in the winter, I hear.
So suddenly, I’m inviting Melinda home with us. I call my Mom to make sure this is okay, which of course she is, and now we’re planning where Melinda will sleep and all that. Dinner comes and goes, at Pizza House with Jeff. Good food, though a cold wet walk there and back. We put our shoes in the dryer. It made a lot of noise.
Oh yes, an interlude. Yin and I, knowing that Pat would be around all afternoon, decided it would be funny to cuddle and whatnot, and see if we could get Pat to think we were dating. This was going well, and by dinner I had caught a lot of glances from Pat where I could tell he was wondering what was going on.
Around nine, we get a phone call from my Dad. Adam’s plane is no where near Detroit, and he’s getting us and then we’re going to see what’s going on with Adam. Dad shows up. We get online and find out that Adam is on the first leg of his journey, to Atlanta, and is about to miss his connecting flight to Detroit. At some point, Yin leaves, and I beging waiting for Pat to say something. By now, Conor and Jeff have made themselves scarce, so it’s just Melinda, Pat, Dad, and I.
Adam does indeed miss his connecting flight. He calls us, and we find out he’s gonna hop onto another plane that should land in Detroit around midnight. He gets on the plane, and we settle down to wait. It’s about ten now, and Dad can’t make it to Adrian and back to Metro in time to get Adam, so we’re stuck in our room ’til it’s time to get Adam. We wait. Listen to Pirates of the Caribbean. Try to sleep. Stare at the wall. Melinda remembers she needs to register. EVENTUALLY, it’s decided that we ought to get going.
Drive to Metro. Find Adam. Turns out Dad waiting at the wrong gate so that took us a while… Get on the road back home, and FINALLY, about two, we roll in the drivway. That’s four hours later than I expected to be home. More than twelve hours after Pat left Kzoo. Loooooong day for all of us. And of course, I’ve lost my voice and can hardly talk.
On the car ride home, though, dating came up, finally. About 1.30, when Yin left 9.30ish. I’m really suprised Pat didn’t say soemthign sooner. But Adam decided to play the dating quiz show game and find out about all of us. When it came my turn and I said (truthfully) that there wasn’t anyone, Pat interrupts me. He says he saw “nibbles” this afternoon, and that I needed to tell the truth. Melinda and I laughed, or rather, Melinda laughed and I made some hoarse noise that might resemble laughter to a deaf person. I fess up, and they don’t believe me! Eventually I convince them of the truth, and they decide that, while it may have been contrived, there must be some interest on someone’s part. Yin was then deemed “a nibbler”. I find this very amusing, all things considered.
So anyway. We come home and go to bed. Mom and Matt had thoughtfully dragged the mattress off the extra bed in Matt’s room and made it up in my room for Melinda. Sleep. Wake up. At noon. Relatives were given permission to start arriving at noon! Oops… quick shower, go downstairs, and luckily no one is there yet. My grandma, and two of my Mom’s siblings and their familes arrive. Actually, it was a rather small thanksgiving, with only 17 people (one cousin arrived unannoucned just before turkey time). Food was woooonderfulllll!
And the roll fight, wow. I warned Melinda, and gave her permission to retreat if she wanted. She declined. Now, we ended up at the ‘kids’ table (only two adults), which is usually the more rambunctuous side of the fight, and we usually start it. Dad fixed that by stealing our rolls halfway through the meal. Btw, the fight doesn’t start until AFTER everyone has eaten. So we’re trying to figure out how to get our rolls back when I realize that there’s a bunch more in the kitchen. I get up to get another cup of pop and (thank the Lord for boy pants) load up my pockets with seven or eight rolls. These get passed around to our table, so we’re loaded up when the meal ends. Aunt Sue, at our table, starts it by trying to hit Dad. I throw the second, and suddenly it’s a war! We lost, supposednly, but that’s just ’cause the other side weighs more. So teams:

Aunt Sue
Uncle Jim

A note, Julia and Neil are more on the scale of Melinda. Dad, Adam, Pat, and Uncle Jim are all rather large. The rest of their team didn’t really matter, and Aunt Sue really didn’t do a lot on our team either. So yea they were a lot larger (and older) than we were. We held our own, fighting out of the living room while they were in the dining room, for quite some time. Rolls were flying everywhere, and disintegrating all the time. Steve helped by takign a bite whenever he felt like it. Then they gathered up a bunch of ammo and rushed our side, sitting on us and winning by being fat!
So yea, we lost, but only ’cause we were small. We were smaller, faster, smarter, younger, and more athletic than them. We just didn’t have any place to run to when they rushed us…
There have been various wrestling matches, and lots of food eaten, and now the fam is watching James Bond in the living room. Everyone has left for their own homes. Pretty much a normal thanksgiving now. And I have plans on the rest of break being normal, mundane, and sleep-filled.
Anyway, I’m sick of typing on this keyboard, and this is quite long, so I’m going now. I hope you all had a wondeful thanksgiving and have a wonderful break!

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  1. November 26, 2004 3:07 am

    Yay! For Turkey Day!
    I love you Marie!

  2. November 26, 2004 3:57 am

    Lovely, Marie. Lovely.
    I’ve never thought of myself as a “nibbler,” then again, I’ve never thought of “nibbler” as a legitimate means of classifying people, like “soccer mom” or “human calliope”. *shrug*
    Wow, you got home around 2 am? That’s rather late. Then again, it IS the van Staverens :-p. … AND you slept with Melinda. *sigh* Then again, I supposed I must get used to this, seeing as how you two sleep together every school night. Hrm.
    *insert appropriately witty segue here*
    “rather small Thanksgiving, only 17 people”?!?! Man, I’d hate to see a “sizable” van Staveren family get-together. Your house would have a population density rivaling that of Chinese public transit, or Best Buy during the after-Thanksgiving sale. Speaking of which, I wish I could be in five places at once… for tomorrow’s early bird specials. I still haven’t really decided what to buy, but this is one of the few times annually when my mom says “Alright, Yin. Go look through the newspaper ads and see what you want to buy.” That just doesn’t happen. Rather excited. Then again, I’ll probably not buy more than like… two little things. *shrug* It’s like that.
    Anywho… I’m off… to do… productive and useful… things. Yes.

  3. November 27, 2004 2:49 pm

    Actually, the stores—even Best Buy—really weren’t that bad this year. I was surprised. No repeat of the “in and out of Best Buy in 12 minutes” we accomplished once, but the longest we were in a store was about forty minutes….

  4. November 27, 2004 3:08 pm

    Eep! Paragraphs, Marie, paragraphs! ;)
    So, uh, yeah. Your Thanksgiving—both eve of and the day proper—sound like a heck of a lot more fun than mine were, despite the delays waiting around in Ann Arbor. (But given the weather when I got out, also completely understandable. Wasn’t the weather system supposed to die before it hit us? :p)
    Anyways, we had no family outside the house, no friends, no fights, no fun watching people get interrogated…. Just work, eat, sleep, and repeat. We didn’t even have turkey—we just had pizza. On the other hand, I don’t like turkey, so that’s a good thing in my book. :D
    And I really need to get around to deciding what I’m taking next semester so that I can register….

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