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September 17, 2004

hey y’all! Wow, it’s been sooooO long since I’ve updated… I thought I’d put a bit in here for all the Adrian people as to how college has been going so far.
So school. I’m taking four classes: Chem260: Physical chemistry, Math216: differential equations, Physcis140/141: calc based mechanics+lab, and French 103: review of semesters one and two.
So French ought to be my easiest class, by far, and Pchem my hardest. I do the most homework for French, and almost don’t bother with pchem…
The really amusing thing is this: in pchem, we’re learning basic quantum mechanics. The book we use goes through history to explain how scientists came up with these theories, and really emphasizes the fact that classical mechanics is WRONG. In physics, we’re learning classical mechanics. *grin* I think that if I can’t get something on a physics exam, I’m just going to write down bs from pchem and hope for some points for creativity :-)
I have to say (no one tell Melinda!) that my math class may be the most fun at the moment. My prof, Zeno, tells great stories, which makes me actually look forward to class. Doesn’t seem to make me on time, though. I’ve been late to like a third of my classes this year… but seriously! I start the day off every day with a class in Dennison, which is one of the longest walks possible from squad! Okay so I’m lazy but still, the distance to class isn’t helping my tardiness…

Of course, the wonderfulness of school isn’t really in the class room. Its that last night after the movie, when I was back in my room doing homework, the boys and Katie came in wanting to weigh her hair on my scale (Katie has LOOOOONG hair) and everyone stayed for like an hour. Its attempting to find a time for dinner when about ten people can get a table together in the cafe, so we can all eat together. Its having people around that got teased for the same things you did in high school. Its Melinda eating my plant. Its quotes like this:
Yin of Melinda:
(22:03:20) Yin: she was beating ME up!

“I don’t want to see [the boys] naked” – Melinda

“I hate algebra!…no I just hate numbers, that’s my problem” – Melinda(she’s a math major)

“You don’t remember? but I thought you loved me” – Marie
“Only when I’m half awake” – Melinda

(15:29:39) Marie:: what, we’re not going to have sex anymore?
(15:30:07) Yin: as far as i’m concerned, that never happened
Well local yokels, I’d best get going. If I leave now, I could actually be to difeq on time. Of course, something’ll come up so that I’m late again,,,but I ought to at least try….

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  1. September 18, 2004 6:22 am

    So this is the mad chaos I miss by being out of the hall

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