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Jackie the mailing goddess

August 31, 2004

i’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a lady I work with: Jackie. (btw, I think my next few updates will be about people I work with, with the exception of one that will contain what is possibly my new favorite Eddie Izzard quote).

Jackie runs our mailer. She’s a new hire this summer, from after Joe left. Now Joe didn’t really have much going for him. He seemed good at his job, was kinda hot in a “why the hell am I attracted to him???” sort of way, and that was it. Didn’t really get along with people, and had all sorts of personal issues outside of work that interfered. When he left, people kidna breathed sighs of relief.
Then we had a peroid of no one in charge of that machine, where we almost missed Joe.
Then Jackie came, and it was like heaven shone down on us! (someome slap me from now on, when I say things like that just for the effect). Jackie, who doens’t know computers well, and that’s a big part of mailing. Jackie, who thinks the other bindrey guys are sorta lazy. Jackie, the mailing goddess.
She, she really is out to work hard, and get the job done right. She also knows mailing guidelines like the back of her hand. Jamie, who was marginally in charge of mailing in the interval this summer, knew mailing guidelines like she knows the back of my hand. Jamie and I don’t work together much.
Jackie knows exactly how each piece should look, how it should be packaged, and why everthing happens. She also has a really fun little nymph-like face, and crazy curly red hair. She laughs a lot, like she’s nervouse. Pretty much, I really like her.
She’s figuring the computer stuff out, and is more than willing to do so. She’s a hard worker, willing to stay a few minutes late to finish the job and get it out the door on time. She’s great.
The catalyst that motivated this entry: Jackie’s magic list! See, when we package things for mailing, we put the pieces in one or two foot trays, depending on the width of the stacked peices. The computer does all the work, sorting them into trays. Problems occured, though, when we had stuff that stacked up to like 1.25 feet. Putting it in a two foot tray allowed it to get out of order, and half of what we do is making sure things are sorted right. Turns out, the computer is supposed to be telling us what to do with those, also. Jackie had this magic list for me, today, when I started mailing. It had all of the trays listed, and broke down which ones should be packed loose, which should be bound in packages of various sizes, and which ones required markers between different sections.
We’ve NEVER mailed things in this manner, this whole summer. No wonder the post office hates us. (though I hear the people at the A2 post office are a bunch of bastards anyway, so I don’t mind pissing them off) But now, things are looking better everyday.

Especially since IT’S ALMOST TIME TO MOVE IN!!!!
Anyay, lunch is over. g2g.

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