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August 30, 2004

first: to re-iterate two recent thoughts: American’s suck, and I think I ought to change my name to Mahmoud.

Have you heard about the Olympic All-Around Gymnastics scandle? That Paul Hamm technically shouldn’t have won gold ’cause there was a judging error? There was a poll on as to what Hamm should do: keep the gold, give it up, or there should be a duplicate gold for the other guy. Now, in all honesty, I’d say give it up: he really didn’t win. But for compromise, since he was told he won, I voted to give the other guy a gold also. Turns out 60% of American’s (who took this poll) feel Hamm should keep the gold. Now, he didn’t actually win. Why oh why should he have the first place medal when he wasn’t really the best? I understand that it sucks to be in his place, but if I’d found out that I wasn’t really the best, I’d feel it was shameful to keep the gold if the other guy wasn’t also given one. Why would you want something you didn’t earn? And what is the logic behind so many people supporting that course of action?

I have to say, though, props to Vanderlei de Lima of Brazil, the third place in the mens marathon. At about 22 miles to go, he was leading by around half a minute. Suddenly, a rabid fan ran across the road into him, forcing him into the crowd. The other specators helped de Lima back onto the road, but it caused him to loose concentration and stride. He ended up finishing third. Despite possibly loosing the gold to this crazed moron, de Lima entered the staduim pleased as punch to be in third, running the final stretch in a Marie-like manner flying like an airplane and weaving crazy lines. On the podium, he seemed amazingly happy with his third place. He also recived a special medal for his good sportsmanship. Honestly, an amazing thing to do, considering he might have one.
If not for the crazy guy. And I do mean crazy. Turns out, he’s done this sort of thing before. He walked out onto the track in a forumla-one race, forcing cars to avoid him DURING THE RACE! Apparently, he thinks he’s a prophet, and this is the best way to spread the word that the end of the world is comeing. I think the spectators should have beat him to a bloody pulp. Well, not really. But he ought to be locking up in an asylum somewhere. To interfere with a race in that manner is just so aweful I don’t even know where to begin. The Olympics aren’t the place to advertise politics or religion, or anything except hard work, dedication, and a joy of your sport. Let any protest be passive, and tasteful. And DAMMIT keep it out of the competition!
Sport is more precious than that. Fans should NEVER NEVER change the outcome. Considering the way the Tour went this year, I’m all about televising things more and more so that fewer people will attend and have a chance to screw things up.
Grrrr! *shakes angry fist theatrically at the sky*
Sorry. I think I need to run a race soon, get multiple feelings out of my system. Anyone up for helping me train for a 5 or 10K sometime this fall?

I had other things to say, but have forgotten them.

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