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thinking of changing my name to Mahmoud

August 28, 2004

so I got a grammar lesson amidst some hobbitsmut the other day. Yet, I still don’t know the proper usage of “laying” and “lying” and every time I try to figure it out I have images of Frodo and Sam doing all sorts of things to eah other, surrounded by lavender flowers. THIS is what I get for following links on Adam’s lj. (keep up the good work. Your pics are hilarous, and I’ve only got three days of work left during which to get caught at whatever page you send me too… Oh yea and Nat asked about you yesterday before he left for Kzoo)
I’ve stuffed around 2000 envelopes tonight. I can now do the job just as fast with my eyes closed. Just afraid I might fall asleep O_o. It’s only 1.57. I have to be here ’till 4.30.
Accomplishments of the week:
Got stung by a bee (first time since 1st grade)
Drove to the bank, walked up to the drive up ATM
Carried around a plastic stake
Went to the dentist
Took care of some money stuff for school
Talked with Melinda about move in
Stuffed a few thousand envelopes
Didn’t go crazy from wanting to be at school
Well, outta get going. It’s not like I’d get caught, but I’ve still got a candy bar to eat before I get back to work.
I think I’m starting to enjoy press-sitting. God help me.

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