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August 23, 2004

defination of a good day: wake up in the morning (alright, afternoon), get out of bed, start a good book (okay, to be honest, reverse those two…), go for a bike ride, eat lumps n greasy water, accomplish a few other assorted things throughout the day, finish book, go to bed. Okay actually I finished the book in bed…but I haven’t gone to sleep yet, and I’m out of bed to write this.
Btw, Morgan Hamm, the American gymnist, yum.
I’ve realized there’s been a change in how we view the Olympics since we’ve become older. Suddenly I find myself talking with people about which sports produce the most attractive people. I’m a fan of gymnists, swimmers, and distance runners, in that order. Pat likes the beach volleyball players, and finds the swimmers scary. Certainly keeps life interesting.
Also: my new biking stuff, way cool, though the tan lines really need work. At least it’s supposed to be warm for a while, so I’ll get the sun I need.
Final news bit of the night: MY COMPUTER IS BACK! Pat borrowed it for about two weeks, to fix it. It’s running good *knocks on wood*, and it’s back in my room! So I’ve celebrated tonight, by hardly using it…*laughs*
Oh wait, one more happy return: my calf muscles are back. (sorry, a bit slow on the uptake. I’m sure they’ve been back for a while) After months of the sedentary lifestyle of a student (well, at least one that doesn’t live in BFE or Markly, and thus doesn’t walk as much) I’ve lost most of my leg muscle. But it’s come back, thanks to the wonderful world of Wisconsin.
Wow, this is a lot longer of a post than I thought it’d be. Gotta stop rambeling…
Anyay, g’nite all, and sweet dreams.

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