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a.p. science

August 22, 2004

okay so I promised that this would get written eventually, so here it is: an entry about a.p. science classes in h.s.
Actually, it’s about the following classes: (they all have that same feel, even if they aren’t exactly ap sciences)
10th Honors English
AP Physics
AP Calc
AP C++
(funny, that’s all my AP’s ‘cept History, which was boooooooooorrring)
Lit Comp had the same feel, but I don’t know if I’ll come up with any memories for it…
Anyay, here goes. A delightful trip down memory lane to the best parts of high school.

“you gotta add em, Adam” (read it out loud)
BrINClHOF – the gay ones
the time Sobota and Jackie (and a few others who didn’t get caught) started a snowball fight in HChem
Hey Adam, remember the doughnut quiz in calc? And the result that Mr. Peters got FIVE erasers back, instead of three?
Nacho Cheese – “Not your cheese!”
Andy and the girls giving us previews of the musical during bomb threats.
Learning the peroidic table: there are the ones that sleep with anyone, the ones that sleep with themselves, the ones that perfer it in groups, and the ones that’ll never get with anyone unless you force them
The fact that HChem was so sexual, all the time
And it was a college textbook, so we had all sorts of questions about beer
Adam and I in lab 10th grade: being totally lost, drawing each other in lotto ALL the time, and the time we kept putting the stoppers on the test tubes, even though the rxns were producing gas so they popped off anyway.
“Nueter Meetin'”
Nuber in physics lab: There was the time he dropped the can of tomato sauce, it broke, and splattered on my clothes. The time I was laying on my stomach on the floor timing revolutions of the string Melissa was spinning and he came up and pulled my ankles. I screamed soOO loud! He became a legitimate source of error…for me anyway.
That same lab Nuber scared me: walking back into the room and hearing Adam say “I just wanna have sex.” Dead silence follows.
Seceret Santa’s in physics: Adam giving Merok condomns, Merok refusing (how DO you spell his name?), Adam handign them out to the rest of the class. What gets better is I had mine in my pocket, the same pocket I keep my keys in. Later that day I was at the Weigals, pulled out my keys, and forgot about the condom. LUCKILY, Mr. Weigal (who was in the room at the time) didn’t see.
trans-parent. Mrs. Parsons thinking it was a dirty joke
The time I was “working hard” in IS Discrete, drawing unicorns for my English project, while Adam was workign his ass of finished his Discrete homework for the next hour.
Mike and I arguing
Okay that deserves more than one line
The times we’d walk in and sit with Rhennion between us, and keep arguing, not letting her move.
Then we started being late back from lunch. Ms. J got pissed and locked us out. Even Mike was scared of her.
“blah blah blah, you know I know it.”
Adam, you have to make the function recieve the cat
Ap Internet
Mr. Tuttle telling me my program was wrong because 1/2+3/4=5/6. He’s a math teacher…
Pat and Lindsey arguing almost as much as Mike and I would go on to do in later years.
The scene: during and AP Physics electrical lab, senior year. The characters: myself, Merok, and Nate. The conflict: Nate had just said something to tease me. I take my trusty pink eraser and throw it at him. It hits him dead center in his forehead, bouncing off. The bounce, miraculously, hits Merok who is working next to him, but at such an angle that he cannot for the life of him figure out who threw it!
(the only problem with that story being that Nate ended up with my eraser, and I had to trash pick to get it back…)
Talking during tests: In HChem it was “DAMMIT”, silence, “CRAP”, silence, “wait…”. AP CHEM it was “so yea last night I went shopping and bought this cd and…” “I LOVE that cd! Isn’t that group great” meanwhile on the other side of the room “and HE said that SHE said that” meanwhile in the middle of the room “so yea I think the swim team is gonna do great at regionls this year ’cause of the lineup.” Then Ms. J says we don’t get extra time and we actually remember the test in front of us. By AP Physics it was “So yea, I’ve done ten questions and only answered two.” “Hey, I’m on number twelve, but I guessed on teh first eleven.” “Wasn’t three really hard?” “Yea I couldn’t get that one, which would be why I guessed.” “At least four was easy” “wait, no it wasn’t!” “yes it was, the formula is in number five.” “ooohhhh I see.” And so on, until Ms. J left to the lab in disgust.
The chapter 4/5 test in physics: I was the only one that passed, so Ms. J decided to redo the section. I was exempt until she found out how I “cheated” on the test. For 3 or 4 questions, I guessed. The problem: to decide my guess, I used the random number generator on my beloved TI-86, with A=1, B=2, etc. Actually, I may have wasted the time to write a program displaying A=1…But yea when she heard she threw a hissy fit and made me retake the test also.
The question involved a cliff 50m high. Mike and I spent at least 20min at chem night arguing over whether 0 was at the top or bottom of the cliff. FINALLY, someone walked by and told us it didn’t matter as long as we made gravity the right direction…
The night before the AP Chem test, Jessica and I realizing we couldn’t use calculators on the test, and panicking about division by hand.
We were distracted though. See, the next day we were going to get really disoriented after the test and somehow meet Mike at my house for lunch, and then drive out to the movie theater. Somehow, we had already bought tickets to the new Star Wars movie, and figured “what the heck.” And we stopped at Burger King for shakes before heading back home, since the school day was wasted. (Jessica was the only person who could make me skip…)
The time-delay lab amused me all to hell, and the memory amuses me still (chem)
During the make up for that lab, getting into an ice fight with Tim Nofsinger. Getting caught…
The diving rods
When Ms. J burnt acetone circles around Will Scharp.
Curtis’s problems with the color labs and John-Eric Comacho.
Curtis’s problems
The time Ms. J sicced Mike Buku on Curtis during lab. It was a flame test lab, and I ended up in the same row as Curtis. Even though Buku stopped him from doing real damage, he still managed to burn most of the sticks before I could do the test.
The time Curtis threw a match in the crock pot, and it smoked many colors for many minutes
Burning methane bubbles
Hey Mike, remember the compass lab all around the school? No particular point, I just really remember liking that lab.
Ooopopooo Aruru Oncl Nocl Short-van Staveren: the name of my first child.
Weeble and Bob
Beewle, Alexander, Pinky, enc l ube eras, and the other great erasers. (even after the Donkey violated ‘xande).
The APChem seat/grade gradient. Adam was convinced Jessica and I did well ’cause we sat at the one end of the room, so he started stealing my spot!
The fact that there were so few in APChem: myself, Jessica Weigal, Mike Dulbs, Adam Lewis, Nate Roberstad, Matt Nuber, and Kelly Nichols (approximate order of seating, though it varied a lot).
The first day of hchem: getting attacked by textbooks and matchbooks flung from behind a huge (and hugely messy) desk by a wild haird Kwazy Wady (for spelling explanation, see possible upcoming entry on Twickish)
“Now, is that the one with one ball or two” “this one’s only got one testical”
Nate sitting behind the desk in AP Physics (’cause he’d forgotten his glasses, AGAIN) yelling out “ass!” every time Ms. J wrote a ohm on the board. (wait, was it ohm? I’ve found that I’ve blocked most of physics ’cause I don’t want to remember)
When I was sick in December, and then Nate in May, and Mike threw fits evertime one of us blew our noses or made those odd noises you make when you’re really sick (phelgm and all…)
Showing up to the AP Chem test and telling everyone that (since I knew, having taken two AP’s already) we’d be seated at tables that held two people, and if there was an odd number (we never knew how many others from county schools would arrive) I got the empty desk, ’cause no one would really want to sit next to my pile of used tissues, right? I still think I may have gotten tonsilities from my little brother… And I still got a 5 on the test and thought it was easy, despite being amazingly sick. THAT’s how great a teacher Ms. J is.
The Derivative Song (anyone want the sheet music? I’ve still got it somewhere)
Mr. Peters randomly doing a jig in the middle of calc class
The day Adam got Mr. Peters so confused with his left handed thinking that Mr. Peters sat down, and Eric Reishus got up and taught the rest of class.
I don’t know if you remember, Adam, but there was a question in the first chapter of calc, that Peters assigned as it’s own homework assignment, that had NO numbers. It still makes me shudder to think of it.
Trying to get Peters to prove 1+1=2
Mr. Berryman making calc sooOO easy while Peters was out sick.
Jessica and I hanging the Christmas lights
The arguments over Christmas trees and the hidden one in the chem room
Underground chem nights
“AP thermometers”
Sara taking Hchem: totallly spazzing out at chem nights. baking Mike and I a cake for help. Mike taking the cake home and his whole family eating it, so that I didn’t get my half.

there has got to be more, but this is a pretty exhaustive list, and I’m tired. Feel free to post and add anything I missed. I’d be glad to hear what others thought were the best/most amusing parts of these classes. (and you outsiders, feel free to ask for explanations. These are great stories, most the time)
damn, this ALMOST makes me miss h.s. And thats saying something

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