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*giggly grin*

August 21, 2004

yea that lj entry that I was going to write…kinda got distracted. Between Tom Cruise (in Top Gun, what girl could resist??) and my brother’s antics, I totally forgot to get around to writing it. So it’ll happen another day.
But a random thought, before I head to bed. I recently purchased a new pair of biking shorts and a tank top (for biking/running). I look totally great in them. Now, why is it that I’m willing to choose athletic gear partially on the basis of how sexy I look in it, when I won’t do so for normal stuff? I think a big part of it is ’cause I KNOW things for athletics will be comfortable. Normal stuff looks (and usually is) horrendously uncomfortable. But the way the tank top is cut, I’d NEVER by a normal shirt with that low a neck line (if I had more of a chest, you’d have to say it showed cleavage.). The shorts, too, are rather skimpy: six inch inseam, and that’s on tight spandex. And my legs, mind you.
I think it’s a problem, though, when I feel happiest with my appearance after strenous exercise, especially if it’s been raining. It’s hard to want to dress nice when I don’t think that’s looking my best. I really ought to work on this.
And I really hope that it’s warm enough tomorrow to wear my sexy tank top when I go for a ride.
Alright, I think it’s time for bed. When reserved little me starts rambeling on about my sexy tank top…definately time for bed. *laughs at self*

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  1. August 21, 2004 7:45 pm

    Marie, you’re insane. *lol* I love it. :D

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