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dancing and Eddie

August 9, 2004

dude so dancing tonight: fantastic! The lesson was fun, like usual, and then the first bit of open dancing was groovy also. Then Conor and I are standing off to the side during a hustle, commenting on how we don’t know this step, but it’s another we’d like to learn, when this guy comes up and asks me to dance.
“Well I don’t know the step”
“Doesn’t matter. I’ll show you.”
Beth, the girl from the ballroom team we kinda know: “Don’t worry, that’s the great thing about the hustle.”
So suddenly, I’m out on the dance floor with this guy I don’t know, wondering how big a fool of myself I’m gonna make. I’ve actually been to 1/2 of a hustle lesson, but was tired and left early. Didn’t even remember the basic. I seriously have no idea what I’m doing.
Turns out, the guy is a GREAT lead! He shows me the basic in about ten seconds, and then says “keep doing that” while he starts spinning me and doing all sorts of other crazy cool moves! I just kept doing the same footwork, while being moved all over the floor, and I DIDN’T SCREW UP too badly! I think I actually did rather well, for very little background in dancing. It’s amazing the difference when you’ve got a lead who really knows his stuff. No offense to Conor: he’s a good lead. Much better than most of the guys at lessons. He just hasn’t had lots of advanced training like this guy obviously had. (Why am I sucking up to Conor? I know he doesn’t read this. He IS a good lead though) This guy (I didn’t even catch his name) wasn’t afraid to push and pull me like a good lead does, didn’t get confused when I screwed something up, and managed to say my steps most of the time no matter how different our footwork was.
Too bad he thought Conor and I were dating.
Afterwards, Beth came up to us and tried recruting us for the ballroom dance team. Honestly, just dancing with that guy was enough to make me want to do it. It was ssooOOOOOO much fun to do that! I still have no idea how to dance the hustle, but I did it tonight anyway.

In other news tonight:
Evil Giraffe

Which Eddie Izzard Quote Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Okay they didn’t get the quote right, but still. Fan-friggen-tastic! That such a quiz exists, let alone that I got one of my favorite Eddie quotes, woulda made my night if it wasn’t for the hustle guy… Seriously, go take the quiz and tell me what you got. And, if you’re male, go learn to dance really well. Just for my benifit :-)

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