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cross country

August 5, 2004

so I’ve been having flashbacks to cross country. I keep responding to good things with “score!”. I almost said that “I might catch Bosnia!” while cleaning something. Today I ended up thinking about Dave Wagner,,, though there IS a distant connection there. I was hanging with Sara, and Lauren Darr. Lauren’s older brother, Ryan, was really good friends with Maureen Warfield, who I ran cross with and who was good friends with Dave. Talk about connections…
“Shut up and run, SERIOUSLY!”
“Chelsea, go in the woods.”
Diane and I arguing about whether or not we’d have pink team shirts. She was such a girl…
Mezzo doing fractions.
Sarah and Jessica giggling during sprints.
The time Diane and I almost got run over by the guys race… Diane actually got hit by Paul and totally changed her apperance so he wouldn’t realize it was her.
“Next year tennis!”
Coach (Laskowsky) never knowing what to do with so many giggling girls.
The discussion about whether it was better to have a boyfriend whose name had one syllable or two, because which was better to cry out during a “fit of passion” (somehow those girls never managed to say sex…)
The discussion about what…uh…bodily parts ought to be made out of chocolate (this included ideas about cream fillings, etc)
Amber’s Walker and JAG highlights, and getting her to do karate.
Learning the track ‘premeet’ loop.
The seniors who could never make it to Saturday morning practices ’cause they were ‘sick’.
“I’d rather participate than watch” (God, that’s a good story)
Diane and I plotting about leashes and whips…
Angels: big beefy cow!
O-beast, Henningbeast, and baby beast!
Ammmmber, The Terminator, HoMo, Ambergay
Bus rides
“Slow down, you’re getting excited”
Field fun days
The time we cut for brownies straight through my house
The season we spent depantsing each other.
Syllable by syllable national anthems
“Big boobs and a car over a cell phone and athletic ability any day”
Riding horses…….
Playing hide&seek with Coach (though we always neglected to tell him when we were playing)
Amber and Mo
and so I can’t end this sentimental (though seriously I miss cross so much right now I wanna go back to h.s.!), here’s the best cross insult: “Wet t-shirt your face!”

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  1. August 5, 2004 5:19 am

    Marie that is totally awesome!!
    I got my tongue pierced yesterday. :)

  2. August 5, 2004 8:42 am

    You need more AP science class flashbacks. One would think going through DMJ is more comparable to LSD than Cross Country.

  3. August 5, 2004 6:55 pm

    i’ll work on that one. It’ll have to include programming, just ’cause that class was crazy…

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