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hot riding

August 2, 2004

DAMN! WE make this look good! Today we (myself, Pat, Matt, and Dad) went out for a training bike ride. We left at seven, knowing that there was a Lance Armstrong interview on OLN at nine we wanted to see. We just kinda strolled out of town, going fast but aimlessly. Eventually, about ten miles out, Dad decides we need to make it to Lyons, OH, and back, and organizes us into a paceline. We got cooking something good, rode into Lyons, and sucked down a gatorade. It was now about 8.10. Lyons is 16 miles from the house. This means we had to average faster than 15 (heck if I wanna to the exact math) to get back in time. That’s pretty fast, when you consider traffic getting back into town. So we get back into our paceline and damn, we FLEW back into Adrian! The second half, we averaged 18, Pat said. (I’ve let my computer die in a protest against too many numbers in my life.) Near the end we had to slow up ’cause we all got really tired, but for most of it we were just FLYING! Absolutely fantastic riding; the kind you always want to do. Woulda been even better if we’d’ve actually been in decent shape…
But yea I’m getting there. Starting to be proud of the muscles in my legs again. My thighs are gonna get huge soon…here come larger saddle bags. Then again, my left knee has been aching: too many early season hills. So I gotta watch out for that…
Another plus to today’s ride: saw a bunch of hot country guys out on the ride. Cars at stop signs, some out doing yard work, two w/o shirts playing catch…nice day, that.
p.s. I’m so amazingly bad at X-pilot, it’s funny. Perhaps I’ll have to show people at school when we move in, which is in 32 days! (not that I’m counting, or drew up a calender that begins at day 47…*grins*)

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