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I hate money

August 1, 2004

i hate money. Wow was I pissy about that earlier. But seriously. You remember when we were little and we got told that we could be whatever we wanted to be ’cause this is America and how rich/poor our parents are doesn’t matter? Yea, I believed that. Oops. Tends to make me bitter sometimes. There really is a good chance, though, that if I had been raised in a more affluent (to be PC) family, that I’d be a violin major, not a chem major. Damn I love orchestra. And I miss it. Hence the point of this update: is anyone in Adrian interested in some sort of chamber? I have performance in mind, but I’d like to practice like we have one anyway. Honestly, I’m just getting really bored of practicing alone all the time and it having no point. Unfortunately, my schedule sucks, so it may be hard to find time to get together. But if you’d like to come practice with me, feel free to drop me a line. I may start calling people if I get really desperate. This’ll only be a summer thing, though. Hopefull once school starts I’ll be busy enough not to care.
I think it’s a problem, though, when I got really pissed at playing my violin earlier, merely ’cause I didn’t want to be practicing alone AGAIN. I’m afraid I’ll start hating it if this goes on much longer…
Anyway, gonna get going. This song gets me nostalgic for the end of h.s. all over again. :-)
p.s. upon LISTENING to the lyrics, I need to add something: it’s not the part about the one night stand in this song that makes me nostalgic….I really am still a virgin, guys!

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