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suck at life

July 31, 2004

(note, this lj entry really ought to have been written about six o’clock this morning. But, as you will see, I was to tired to care.)
So, Diane, I think I’ll have to join you in being one who sucks at life. I really really do. I think I posted that entry about screwing things up a little too soon, ’cause I made a great mistake Wednesday night at work. Pat and I got about 11,000 pieces ready for mailing, and over 4,000 of them were wrong. I was catching, and I didn’t notice ONE of those 4,000! See, when you do mailing like we do, you add the barcode to the piece with the address. Because of a weird database error, a bunch of them didn’t get barcodes, and I didn’t see one of them!
Talk about fucking up! That was hours of work and hundreds of dollars I wasted by making that mistake. I can’t believe I did that. What makes it even worse is that my boss and her assistant took the fall for it: they said it was there fault ’cause they didn’t check what we did. This means I can’t really even apologize for it! God I felt terrible when I went into work yesterday. (Jamie called to tell us to come in early to help fix it)*sigh*
At least I worked hard to fix it. I ended up running the mailer again last night, to help to finish up the mailing (yea something that makes it any worse. This job pretty much HAD to go out today, and it was going to be close anyway before we fucked up) and got it running really damn fast. Previously, on this piece, it had taken two people to run the mailer at full speed, and I got it going to where I could do taht on my own. The standard on PSI for mailing (PSI is the managment program we use. It’s got standards for how fast we ought to work) is 2000piece/hour for one person. For the last mailing I averaged 6000/hour. Flying man, flying!
Of course, the end of the night sucked again. It’s like fate knew that I was enjoying myself, and had to go back to punishing me for being a moron. Pat had said that we could leave as soon as I finished the largest section of the mailing, which happened around 5.20 am. Then he decided we couldn’t leave until someone showed up so we could explain what was going on, and we were to continue working until then. We didn’t get out of there till six. Oh yea, and we showed up at four the previous afternoon. God that was a loooong shift.
But it’s over. The job is out the door, and it’s the weekend, and so I don’t have to worry about work right now. I just hope we only work ten hour shifts next week.

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